Highlights for Children

I’ve always been a fan of Highlights Magazine for Children.

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Highlights Magazine

Highlights Magazine

Funny Aaron Talk

Aaron’s loving his new computer game. It’s the Fisher Price Easy Link. We got a great deal from KB toys and it came with 3 cartridges. Since then, I’ve bought him another 4 cartridges. That’s probably it for now, since I think he has way too many already.

Anyway, I love how this game is very educational, especially the Sesame Street game. He’s been copying everything they’re saying. And his language structure is developing wonderfully. Many times, I even forget that I’m talking to a 2 year old, because he responds and converses like an older child.

When you would ask him anything, many times he would respond with…”maybe it’s a…” and he would end it with a “…right?” He makes me smile!

The other day, after my parents dropped him home, he noticed that my husband took down our curtains, making our living room seem brighter. Then he looks at me and says, “Wow! there’s more room for me!” hahah! Then, we heard his cousin crying, because Kai (my nephew) often cries when Aaron gets dropped off first. I think he wants to come and play) I asked him what happened. He said, “Kuya Kai needs me!” I was like surprised! His Language structure is amazing!

We can’ t even keep things from him now. So many times, if my husband and I have to talk about things we don’t want him to understand, we spell the words. Talking in Filipino no longer works co’z he’s picked up on that too.

A funny thing happened last night, he ran out of marshmallows. He turned to my husband and said, ”
Daddy, I want A-I-O-E-14″ We were like, huh? Then we started laughing. He was trying to spell. Just like how me and his daddy would spell letters to each other. It was hilarious.

Big Brother

Aaron’s such a great Big Brother!  He’s been entertaining his sister.  He talks to her in such a funny way.  He would always look for her when she’s not around.  He loves to kiss her and give her a hug.

He would walk up to his sister and say, “Hi Sweetie!”
or “Hi Cutie!”

The other day, said, “You have pretty eyes!”
He’s such a sweetheart!

He’s my ear when I’m doing chores and I can’t hear the baby. He would run to me if I’m washing the dishes and tell me if the baby is crying.

I would also catch him do random nice things for Baby Elle. He would try to give her the binky when she’s crying. Or if she’s sitting on her bouncer and she seems bored, he would turn on the music. He would also be the first to turn on her mobile whenever we’re in the bedroom.

Aaron’s such a great brother! I’m so proud of him!

So hyper

Our little man is extremely active and energetic. He can go through his day without taking a nap and still sleep pretty late at night. Where does he get all this energy from?

He’s also been very friendly and social to other kids and adults. Today he stayed in Sunday School the whole time without coming back to me, yay!

Last week, he played with the neighbors for the first time and had such a great time.


Aaron’s Paintings

Circus and Rainbow by Aaron Kristan Munda

Circus and Rainbow by Aaron

Guitar by Aaron Kristan Munda

Guitar by Aaron

It’s been 1 week

It’s been a week since Baby Elle was born.  So far, it’s been a lot of re-figuring things out (from how Aaron was) and also discovering how she is.


The first couple of nights were easy, I don’t know how that happened but they were. I didn’t even have to wake up my husband at all for anything. The following nights were a little more challenging, but it’s not too bad. Right now, it seems like as long as she sleeps right next to me (around 12:30- 1am), I can easily hear her make her whimpering sounds. (Yes, those whimpering sounds are my warning. Thank goodness she does that before she would go all out crying.) Anyway, she would make those sounds when she would wake up in the middle of the night hungry (about 4:30-5am) , so all I have to do is feed her, change her, watch her stay awake for a little bit and then she’ll sleep again (at about 5:30-6am) and won’t wake up till 8 or 8:30. I think it’s pretty good. A lot better than what I was anticipating.


Aaron is the reason why I wanted to catch Elle before she started crying. The first time she cried out loud and woke Aaron up from sleeping, Aaron was annoyed and covered his ears. I didn’t want him to think that his sister is bugging him. I didn’t want anything to cause tension between the 2 of them, especially since he’s still adjusting with Elle. But right now, Aaron’s doing really good with having a sister. He kisses her, entertains her, continually acknowledges her and says he loves her. The other day, my parents asked Aaron if they can take home the baby, and Aaron said “No!” He still needs to learn how to be a lot more careful and quieter around the baby, but he’s doing great! I just wish he was already potty trained though =(


Well, considering that my labor was extremely quick (My contractions started at 5:30 AM and the baby came out at 7:20 AM), I didn’t have an epidural. I was able to move about right away, which I’m very grateful for. I needed to be alert and up to care for my two children now. Especially since my husband has the graveyard shift 4 nights a week. Anyway, the first few days weren’t so bad and then all of a sudden, I started having cramps and felt sore. Hmmmn, I guess it’s like when you go on a workout and then don’t feel the soreness till a few days later. But, I feel better everyday. =) I’m still hoping I’m fully recovered before 4-6 weeks.


Here are a few things I’ve been grateful for…

…things seem a little easier the second time around
…having some time to be mentally prepared for handling our family with our newest addition
…family and friends for their love and support (visits, greetings, warm wishes, warm meals), they mean a lot to us
…a beautiful and healthy baby girl
…that my husband was home when I went into labor (something I’ve been praying for since it would be so difficult if he wasn’t)
…a wonderful son
…knowing that God will take care of us no matter what…

Welcome Baby Elle

Erin Emmanuelle Munda was born on March 13, 2008

Birth Announcement

Updated Munda Family Pix

I wonder what’s in store for this New Family of Four?

sorry, i’ve been feeling a little dr suess-ish! hahaha

Aaron Update

Since I haven’t written an entry for a while, here are a few updates on Aaron.

SPEECH- He’s been talking so much. I love it that he can carry a conversation and even start one. His favorite lines lately…

“Oh, I forgot!” (then he does what he supposedly forgot, like kissing Mommy or Daddy)

“Mommy (or Daddy), come over here! I want to show you something!”

“Look Ma,Look Dad! I did it all by myself!”

“I’m thinking!” (with his finger tapping his chin)

“Can you sit on the carpet with me?”

“No, Mommy you clean it up!” <— Not my favorite! He’s been doing better lately.


He was doing the drama cry with his head on his hand on the sofa, going “I’m sad!” When you ask him what he wants and either help him out or explain to him what’s going on, he switches to a different mode and says, “I’m happy now!”

When he and daddy are leaving for his grandma’s house without me, he makes sure that he gives me a hug and a kiss at the door. And when he doesn’t see his dad do the same, he starts telling him to do so!

When he’s playing and his dad leaves for work and forgets that he actually got a kiss from him, he would get upset as soon as he realizes his dad’s left. He would burst out into tears until he hears his dad’s voice on the phone.

When he hears music on the tv, he starts dancing to it or asking for his guitar so he can start playing along.

When he sees commercials about depression and characters being sad, he calls it out right away. For example, the Huggies commercial that the rubber ducky seems sad because the mom’s not giving the baby a bath everytime he gets dirty, instead just using the wipes. At the end of the commercial, the ducky is shown with his head down, all sad…and my son, the sensitive one…would start crying for about a min and a half.


He plays pretend all by himself, making up stories using his toys our other knick knacks around the house.

He converts chairs and tables into a puppet theater, rocket ship, boat, house, train, tent, etc.

He’s learned to play using Dominoes.

He always incorporates the idea of baby Elle being with us at play.

He’s been more comfortable getting his toys from his toy box in his room.

He’s been making up silly songs to entertain himself


Hi-5 episode with “BAG o Beans” <— He starts cracking up every time Shaun starts wrestling the bean bag

Cheese, apple juice, yogurt, cereal, rice, fruits, soup and noodles.

The Wheels on the Bus and Teddy Bear song

Ace of Cakes TV show

Band concert shows like U2 and Foo Fighters.

Putt Putt, Freddy Fish and Bear Dress Up Computer Game


He does everything I’ve been trying to explore. He paints, draws, scrapbooks, explores with photoshop and illustrator, just like me.

He’s more comfortable playing with other kids now

He answers to people at the store when they ask him how he is

He doesn’t get shy to dance or sing in front of neighbors or guests

Getting ready

I need to catch up on writing on this blog. I’ve just been so busy, still trying to get better and preparing for Baby Elle’s arrival.I’ve been into Pink Mod Colors lately (pink, brown and cream). when I see patterns having these colors, I can’t seem keep stop staring. I’ve been working on digital paper packs using these colors. When I buy clothes for baby Elle, I tend to pick items in the same shade. Also, when we went out the other day to get presents for little girls’ birthdays coming up, guess what? Yes, I bought the same color scheme for their dresses too. It’s so bad that I’ve been looking for Pink mod fabric to cover our dining seats. I have to find just the right ones.We’re pretty ready I think =P. Her co-sleeper and carseat is ready to be used. For some reason, I feel like I’m forgetting something. Hopefully not.I’m just a little anxious thinking of how it will be with 2 kids. I really want to see how she’ll be, compared to her big brother.Well, I got a surprise in the mail today. It was a small bonus check from work. Yay! Considering that I haven’t been getting paid from work due to being out on disability , it was nice to get something from them =)


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